Lions Bay Arts has recently launched their new program,     ArtSpark* – igniting and supporting creativity in our young aspiring artists.

Our aim is to provide creative learning and exploring opportunities to children and youth in our Village. We are particularly committed to working with Lions Bay School in subsidizing collaborative projects and providing enhanced opportunities for current and future Lions Bay children.

Projects for 2019:

2019 Music After School

We are sponsoring a Music After School program at Lions Bay School presented by Tanya Gienger. Children age 0-7 are invited to participate with a parent or caregiver, and the Saplings After School Program will participate with their teacher. The program will run for 5 consecutive Thursdays, beginning Thursday April 25, from 3-3:45 pm. To sign up for this program or inquire about fees, please email for more information.

2019 Banner Project

The 2019 Banners for the Village will be created by students at Lions Bay School during the month of May. The normal artist honorarium of $500 will presented to the PAC to be utilized in their ongoing activities. Lions Bay Arts will absorb the cost of all materials for this project and the Village will pay for the printing and installation of the banners as they do each year.