Grace Sadowski


My name is Grace Sadowski and I have lived in the village of Lions Bay for over thirty years.

I had a very circuitous journey to my craft that began many years ago at McMaster University. Although I graduated initially with a BFA degree I went on to study psychology, taught at the University of Victoria  and had an active counselling practice.

I began to design, make and sell jewellery fifteen years ago inspired by the works I saw in museums on the greek islands and in the Byzantine Museum of Athens.

All of my metals are sterling silver, 14 kt gold vermeil or as in the case of my Boho pieces brass. The stones in the pieces are sourced from around the world and each is chosen for its fine cut, colour and clarity.

I love inspirational quotes and use them in my boxed jewellery with the wish that they will uplift and give meaning to the piece of chosen jewellery when either gifted or worn by the purchaser.

Feel free to drop into my virtual shop and say hello. I specialize in custom made pieces and will be happy to make something special for you !