Karen Dodd


As a child Karen immigrated from the UK to Toronto, Ontario.  Eventually, her family migrated to the west coast and she grew up on the north shore of Vancouver, where she still makes her home. Karen had several business ventures during which she had numerous articles published about entrepreneurialism. In 2011, she retired from her businesses to focus on writing her first novel, which was published in 2013.

The genesis for Deadly Switch was ripped straight from the headlines of a local newspaper. Although the real-life story was terrifying, Karen fictionalized the rest of the story, which became her best-selling debut suspense novel.

Karen’s thrillers allow her to indulge her love of travel as well as highlight life on the west coast. When she’s not working on the next book in the Stone Suspense series, she can be found gardening and enjoying living by the sea with her husband, Glen and Ragdoll cat, Bello.


WEBSITE: www.karendodd.com  |  EMAIL: karen@karendodd.com