Sheila Marlene Blake


Sheila Blake was born in Haslemere, England. As a hobby, she enjoyed painting in oils. She came to Canada in the ‘60’s.    In the  mid-eighties she began exploring the natural beauty of her surroundings through the  lens of her camera, becoming especially attracted to the unusual patterns and shapes revealed in nature …… the receding tide at San Felipe for example, or the stark beauty of a leafless tree surviving against all odds on a rocky shore, or a single sparkling icicle suspended in the forest like a precious gem.

As a member of the Royal Photographic Society, her photographic work has been exhibited at the Exeter Arts Centre in Devon and various venues in Vancouver and throughout the Sea to Sky Corridor.   She has raised funds at several high-profile charity auctions and been commissioned to produce custom landscapes and family and pet portraits.

Limited Edition landscape photography forms the basis of her portfolio.

Contact:   |  Tel: 604 747 1899