Monica Gewurz  – Artist/Jeweller


Monica Gewurz’s designs are inspired from the exceptional natural scenery of British Columbia’s West coast, combined with the beauty and historical significance of Indigenous trade beads.

Monica has always had a fascination for beads, semi-precious stones, crystals, shells, pearls, wood, metal and the way that brings expression in their use by ancient civilizations as part of their culture, status, attire, regalia, ceremonial rituals, healing powers, spiritual beliefs and currency. When she travels to exotic locations she finds and selects trade beads, stones, and other unique materials from South and Central Americas, Asia and from British Columbia to be used on her unique designs.

Born in Peru, Monica possesses a scientific and an artistic background. Her work has been featured at the BC Museum of Anthropology, several Aboriginal Art Galleries, and an array of art shows.

She designs for both male and female discernable customers. She takes care to choose only materials that are sustainable, fair traded and not endangered. A portion of her proceeds are donated to the SPCA in BC, and also to the Brooke Foundation in the UK.  Her modern designs attempt to fuse ancient history with nature in a classy modern flare. The result, a one of a kind “wearable art”…that tells a timeless ethnic and or natural story. Eclectic. Natural. Unique. Affordable!

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