The Public Art & Design Sub-Committee is part of the Lions Bay Arts Council and is interested in ensuring aesthetic and technical quality standards are applied to public installations, buildings, signage and graphics used for public purposes.

The members will have a variety of backgrounds including professional artists, and designers, all of whom have a general appreciation for art and design. Based on a set of objectives, we provide recommendations to Council and staff administration on community art and design projects.

Our Goal is:

  • To improve the design of Village built projects, signage and graphics used for public purposes.
  • To follow a set of guidelines that are tasteful yet creative and reflect the community’s interests in order to achieve uniformity for Public Works Projects.
  • To include appropriate public art in a variety of forms at identified locations throughout the Village.

Our past projects include the Kelvin Grove Renewal project and Library Mural. Our ongoing project is the Banner Contest. Read more about these projects:

Kelvin Grove Renewal

Library Mural


If you have an interest in being part of our Public Art & Design Committee, please call us at 604-921-2520 or email at for more information.