Why Lions Bay Arts?


Lions Bay Arts (previously Lions Bay Arts Council Society) was formed out of the belief that the culture of our community is enhanced by our resident artists, their endeavors and our enjoyment and support of them. After nearly a decade since the inception of the  Lions Bay Arts Council, we have showcased and integrated arts and culture into the fabric of our Village community.

For those unfamiliar with the nature of an Arts Council, it is an incorporated self-funding and non-profit Society made up of members who participate and vote in determining its leadership and direction.  Lions Bay Arts is able to access funding from a number of sources including the BC Arts Council, which offers funding for basic operations, government matching funds and special project funding.

The Lions Bay Arts Council‘s purpose is defined in its Constitution as:

  • To represent and coordinate the work and programs of cultural groups in Lions Bay and to maintain an active sharing of information and support for other communities, groups and programs.
  • To encourage the development of cultural projects and activities
  • To help enlist public interest and promote public understanding.
  • To foster and promote an awareness of the cultural needs of the Lions Bay community with the appropriate authorities.
  • To stimulate interest, participation and cultivation of the arts and artists of Lions Bay.
  • To raise funds to support activities related to the arts.
  • To gather and preserve objects of art and cultural value associated with the area of Lions Bay.


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Lions Bay Arts is part of the Sea to Sky Arts Council Alliance, a collaboration of Bowen Island Arts Council, Squamish Arts Council, ArtsWhistler and Pemberton Arts Council, all of whom are committed to enhancing arts and culture along the Sea to Sky Corridor. Read More 



Our Public Art & Design Committee is part of the Lions Bay Arts and is committed to ensuring esthetic and technical quality standards are applied to public installations, buildings, signage and graphics used for community purposes.

The members will have a variety of backgrounds including professional artists, and designers, all of whom have a general appreciation for art and design. Based on a set of objectives, we provide recommendations to Council and staff administration on community art and design projects.

 Our Goal is:

  • To improve the design of Village built projects, signage and graphics used for public purposes.
  • To follow a set of guidelines that are tasteful yet creative and reflect the community’s interests in order to achieve uniformity for Public Works Projects.
  • To include appropriate public art in a variety of forms at identified locations throughout the Village.

We are committed to all “The Arts” within our talented and vibrant community.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any comments or questions!

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