Ute Philips – Artist


Ute Philips began painting in 1992 after longing to do so most of her life.  Believing that you can always learn something new, she began her technical training through courses at Emily Carr and the Canadian Federation of Artists.  Workshops with talented Canadian artists like Jane Adams and Suzanna Northcott have taught, inspired and motivated her.

Ute is captured by the beauty in nature and the challenge in expressing that beauty through her art. Her artistic strength lies in her use of colour – creating vivid yet elegant images.  While her work is largely in watercolour and acrylic mediums, she has moved to a multi-media approach incorporating photography and printmaking into her work.

Ute is also particularly interested  in the internal process of artistic expression and creativity. With her background in strategic thinking and group facilitation, she works to blend her understanding of people into exploring the personal creative process for herself and is inquisitive about how this process can be nurtured and developed in prospective and emerging artists.

Website: www.philipsartworks.com