Chloe Shore

Chloe Shore has grown up in beautiful Lions Bay and can often be found creating body art with Henna and free hand temporary tattoos at local community events. She has been commissioned to create furniture with her creative free hand Mehndi design and also does large indoor murals. Her art has been sold at community auctions and her Henna candles sold out at the Christmas craft fair in two hours.

As an Advance Placement art student at Rockridge, Chloe likes to explore multiple mediums and experiment with textures and patterns.  Chloe is also a gifted nature photographer, something she discovered hiking in Utah as a distraction to the exercising element of hiking.  She found that beauty existed in composition of the most unusual things, and that angles and light, could transform an everyday citing into a moving expression of nature.

Chloe is available for Henna parties or independent requests.  In the summer she can often be found at Lions Bay Beach with a Henna tube ready to go.

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