Druh Ireland


Lions Bay artist Druh Ireland is inspired by the rugged Sea To Sky coastline. Her paintings feature thick layers of paint which are carved into and scribbled upon. Paintings are built up and broken down over many months and sometimes years, eventually becoming “statement pieces”. Like memories, the surfaces have become eroded over time.

Druh’s formal art education began with hundreds of hours life drawing at the Basic Inquiry Studio in Vancouver. Her style of painting in oil on canvas is largely a result of self-directed exploration, but she has also taken classes at ECIAD and Capilano University. In addition to painting, Druh also works full time in the Vancouver film industry.

“At this point, I feel I have arrived at a place where my paintings successfully communicate my feelings about the world we live in, and art is now a way for me to connect with my community.”

You can visit Druh’s studio by appointment.


WEBSITE: www.druhireland.com