Monika Kawka


Monika is interested in intimacy with the earth and with what’s on it.  “Things happen for a reason. In my soul I know that we are all connected, a part of something larger.” Every being and every thing has something captivating and/or remarkable about them. Strengths and vulnerabilities are  equally worthy of her photographic gaze.

Photography was always Monika’s preferred means of expression. She studied at Warsaw School of Photography in Poland and was overwhelmed with how potent and versatile this medium really was.

“My photography is also about fleeting moments and the stories that are packed into them. The camera, like nothing else helps encapsulate those ephemeral states, substituting for a perfect memory, which we do not posses.”

Since 2014 Monika lives with her son Leo and her partner Lindsay Martell (talented musician!) in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada.