This Year in Focus

What is our focus for 2018?


For 2018, we are particularly focused on the following objectives:

  • With a generous corporate donation from Dodd Financial Corporation, we have created the Dodd Financial Celebrating Arts! Series for 2018. This exciting and informative series will present smaller, focused opportunities for members to learn and socialize while experiencing art in its many forms. Currently we have plans for an “Evening in Sicily” – a blend of literature and food culture, a drawing workshop for beginners, a children’s writing workshop, and topics such as art therapy and film production.
  • Increase our community membership – We currently have 258 community members.  We continue to encourage new residents of Lions Bay and interested artists to join. Click below for our membership form.
  • Continue to optimize our membership in Sea to Sky Arts Councils Alliance to support our artists and inform our Lions Bay community.
  • Our 5th Annual Christmas Fair will be held Sunday November 18th, 2018 in Broughton Hall.